Kyousei chijoku sousa ~Roshutsu iinchou Saotome Miki to roshutsu osananajimi Tachibana Yukina "Kono hentai! [Ep.1] [JAP] Anime Hentai

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Картинка Kyousei chijoku sousa ~Roshutsu iinchou Saotome Miki to roshutsu osananajimi Tachibana Yukina
Kyousei chijoku sousa ~Roshutsu iinchou Saotome Miki to roshutsu osananajimi Tachibana Yukina "Kono hentai! Watashi-tachi o hadaka ni muite doutei otoko-tachi no mae ni sarasu nante......! Shojo na no ni!!"
kyokyo "Be this hentai chijoku operation - Exposure chairperson, Miki Saotome and exposure childhood friend, tachibanayuki*! To peel it, and to expose us to nude before cherry boy men......! Though be virgin!"... The motion anime [1st part]
強制恥辱操作 ~露出委員長・早乙女美姫と露出幼なじみ・橘雪奈「この変態!私たちを裸に剥いて童貞男達の前に晒すなんて……!処女なのに!!」~ The Motion Anime 【前編】

Описание: ■Outline
Application "shameito." When it takes in a human photograph, Characters data looking very much alike are generated A character of the So can do a favorite thing……But, Actually, the examples that equal oshite enjoyed erotic Pranks were often found. Main character, * also takes Chairperson at disgusting class, Miki in "shameito", In the Koto which tormented her artificially, cleared itself from everyday pent-up anger, One day * where I am caught in act of tormenting Miki in the application by the person, and a smartphone is destroyed. Such at a loss way back, * picked up a smartphone by the roadside. Start "shameito" with a smartphone of the So, and, after return, violate Miki, and hit him, Today's * which forgets its woes. There were a point same as her cheeks which such he hit by application in next day Post and the classroom, the trace which swelled up. And * notices. It being taking place in her real body to have gone in Miki in this application "shameito". "Cook……Became interesting……" When I do my favorite things at pleasure and can do it, be Koto. To be downtown to be teaching it……na.
●Miki Saotome (CV: Hoshino Nami)
Chairperson at class of the class of *. The club activities belong to the swimming club. Exercise is almighty, and results are excellent Bijin, but character is considerably strong-minded. In another person, there is a part looking down on a man in particular, and do not have a boyfriend. So, of course, be Virgin. Be considerably serious, and the human being who does not follow a rule hates it. Is handled in "shameito", and come to expose an indecent act.
●tachibanayuki* (CV: Tenma Ai)
Childhood Friend of *. The character is slightly active and is roasted a busybody. Belong to the brass band club. Always sent secret goodwill to *. Know the treatment that * does in Miki by application, and be going to stop it. That is why in the Koto which makes * angry, and becomes the target adversely.
●Akira Kudo
Main character Be ordinary in appearance, ability All. Useless Student with insincerity with much absence. Do not belong to club activities. In considerable Komii sho, there are few friends of the boy. Do not do even a conversation with the girl of yuki*igai. The hobby is a net and smartphone application. Considerably think of Miki rushing at one by one for an obstacle. Do not dislike yuki*, but feel slightly gloomy as I take care too much.
◆Character Designer : Nagayori (nagayori)
◆Story: JUN (Jun)
◆The original : Atoriesakura

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