The Village Head’s Nefarious Scheme ~Superior Touch, Rich Taste of Sisters~ [2020] [Cen] [JAP,RUS] 3D-Hentai

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Картинка The Village Head’s Nefarious Scheme ~Superior Touch, Rich Taste of Sisters~ [2020] [Cen] [JAP,RUS] 3D-Hentai

Описание: This is the story of two sisters abused and turned into cumdumps by the head of their rural village. Yoshiaki Ida is the head of a rural village, and has been abusing his family's status since he was young in order to assault girls. Now he's set his hideous sights on two young sisters that have come to visit from Tokyo...
"Lend me a hand in one of our village's secret rituals..." he told them.
He summons the girls to his house and, just like he's done before, gets them naked and makes them suck his dirty dick. And then he savagely robs them of their virginities...
"Eek! My insides... take it out! It hurts...!"
The long-awaited animated edition of the popular sister rape puzzle game! A 3 hour 3DCG animated dramatic novel based on the popular puzzle game! Content has been fine-tuned and reworked to create the best experience possible!

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  1. aibulat.shamuratov
    7 aibulat.shamuratov User 7 октября 2021 12:22
    а нельзя было все это в одно видео склеить нафига такую кучу выкидовать?
  2. Thanatos_God1
    30 Thanatos_God1 Hentai Guru 6 октября 2021 06:13
    Где можно блог переводчика найти?
    1. Hentai•DEALER
      16 Hentai•DEALER User 6 октября 2021 14:10
      На порнол@бе можно его найти sVs он там под играми со своим переводом отписывается, сам же их вроде там и выкладывает.
      P.S. Эх и задрался я эту гору сегментов склеивать в нормальное видео блин.
  3. goblin
    136 goblin Superior 12 мая 2020 05:35
    good шикардосик

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