My Hunt, My Paradise [2021] [Uncen] [ADV, 3DCG, Animation] [Android Compatible] [ENG] H-Game

  • 7.1
Рейтинг: 7.1 / 10
Голосов: 9
Картинка My Hunt, My Paradise [2021] [Uncen] [ADV, 3DCG, Animation] [Android Compatible] [ENG] H-Game

Описание: "A strapping young man is on the newfound path of learning what it means to be a Hunter. While traveling with your friends, you will protect the castle and hunt monsters; while eventually growing strong enough to begin the quest for your missing brother and his partner. During your quest for power, you find and work alongside multiple beautiful women. How you handle the surrounding situations depends on the choices you make. Will you make your paradise come true? Or leave it as it is?"​

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Комментарии (2)

  1. OregaUchiha
    229 OregaUchiha Superior 5 мая 2021 22:41
    Лютейший кал, разрешение картинки низкое, все замылено, все статичное, звука никакого нет, тупо слайд-шоу anime_119

  2. nickname
    1 nickname User 5 мая 2021 16:40
    херамантия, и по графону и вообще.

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