Understand the granddaughter of the president who licked an adult [2021] [Cen] [Sim, ADV] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Understand the granddaughter of the president who licked an adult [2021] [Cen] [Sim, ADV] [JAP] H-Game

Описание: A new teacher who is trapped by the president's granddaughter "Ura Amano" and turned into a toy.
Even though she uses hypnosis to reverse, she finds evidence of bullying in her smartphone.
Ura who keeps lying without reflecting at all.
The training of "re-education" for her gradually escalate ...
Forced kiss, forced kiss, licked ass hole, lost virginity in a bottle, lost virginity while being seen by the girl who was bullying her.
Anal sex in the health room, gangbang during class, half-naked school move, anal pearl drop by train, vibe activation at convenience store, used
as teaching material for sex education class, masturbation, sex, excretion, classmate while being seen by classmates and favorite boys And sex training,
public kinky acts & urination, gangbang to strangers in the park at night, outdoor kinky play, etc.
There is also a love END that is bullied.
-At runtime, the message "Windows protected your PC" may be displayed.
This application is checked for viruses at the time of release, so if the
above message is displayed, click "Detailed Information" and then click the "Execute" button to execute it.
* This game is made with Tyrannoscript. It does not work in the 32-bit environment of Windows. Please check before purchasing.

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  1. Black613
    20 Black613 User 30 июля 2021 15:38
    игра не запускается что делать?
  2. Kaito13
    278 Kaito13 Hentai Sage 22 июля 2021 01:54
    2021? Точно? Мне кажется что что-то не так )

  3. Nudy
    3 Nudy User 21 июля 2021 12:34
    Не запускается, вылетает несколько оконных сообщений на яп, а дальше черное окно висит в загрузке.
  4. Tabyretky_ect_tabyretka
    12 Tabyretky_ect_tabyretka User 20 июля 2021 16:48
    Реал нету скринов?

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