The Shemale ~Densetsuteki Dosukebe Shemale Shoufu to Boku no Ochinchin Communication [2019] [Cen] [VN, Yaoi] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка The Shemale ~Densetsuteki Dosukebe Shemale Shoufu to Boku no Ochinchin Communication [2019] [Cen] [VN, Yaoi] [JAP] H-Game

Описание: "THE SHEMALE-Legendary Dirty Shemale Whore and My Dirty Stick Communication"
The theme material is [Shemale], which is a "man with a cock"
Shemale heroine x office worker hero (♂) draws a stubborn lower body relationship,
… Well, that ’s a homo, is n’t it? After all, is it homo?
that's right! !! !! It is a game called.
The main character (you) should be straight
I was fascinated by the legendary shemale whore Vereno who I met in the gravure of a vile magazine
No, I'm not homo. It's not homo ... it should be ...
While making unnecessary resistance, I turned my foot to "Shemale Street"
"Ah ~~~ Laoni-san, are you interested in this?"
I wanted from the bottom of my heart ─── Shemale cock I dreamed of! !! NS
Plenty of Zuppo Zuppo's Bochu Bochu's Zucco Zucco
You'll be tossed, teased, and crazy to death! Hey!
Please note that there is no general sex for men and women, so please be careful if you are straight.
Why don't you take a peek? Just by touching. Hey Hey.
I'm scared. at all.

Важно: в начальном меню игры можно выбрать цвет кожи и волос из двух вариантов с помощью кнопки в нижнем правом углу

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  1. hoppet7000
    7 hoppet7000 User 8 августа 2021 20:11
    Шмаль ! от ускоглазого разработчика,на начальном экране не нажимаются никакие кнопки,не мышки . Зря скачал.

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