Princess Knight Aries ~ Adventure RPG to the Phantom Castle ~ [2021] [Cen] [jRPG] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Princess Knight Aries ~ Adventure RPG to the Phantom Castle ~ [2021] [Cen] [jRPG] [JAP] H-Game

Описание: The second princess of the Kingdom of Rastalia, Aries to Rastaria, had rose-like lips and elegant purple eyes, and was deeply loved by the royal people.
Her agile Aries is also quite good at her sword skills, and she went out with her soldiers as a princess knight during conflicts with her neighboring countries and demon subjugation.
One day, Aries learns that one of her old vassals is trapped in a remote castle, producing a series of funny monsters.
The people were frightened by the monsters that appeared one after another from the back of the castle, and Aries and her soldiers were dispatched to investigate the situation by the king who was worried about the situation that was rumored to be a fantasy castle where Ayakashi lives ...
Aries, trapped in her cunning trap, slipped into a deep hole and one of them fell apart ...
■ Etch situations
Aries visits a remote village due to her memory loss and takes on the task of exterminating her demons.
She gets a naughty massage from the villagers
She was used as a hypnotic crystal test bench,
She comforts villagers who can't see her
She teaches villagers who have no female experience to have sex
She was seen peeing by the fountain, she was threatened by it, and so on.
When she loses the fight against the demons, she has a hard time ...

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Комментарии (8)

  1. qwart6
    2 qwart6 User 16 октября 2021 15:06
    Можно свободно играть на русскоязычной системе, просто до распаковки в винрар выбрать "параметры > кодировка имен > японская"
  2. shingen
    2 shingen User 15 октября 2021 14:21
    чтоб исправить изображения переключите систему на японский ну либо эмулятор нужен
    1. ars2322
      4 ars2322 User 15 октября 2021 15:15
      а какой конкретно нужно скачать для этой игры и как переключить систему на японскую?
      1. shingen
        2 shingen User 16 октября 2021 09:37
        панель управления >язык и региональные стандарты> язык системы на японский
        1. ars2322
          4 ars2322 User 16 октября 2021 14:30
          спасибо, все заработало!
  3. Ксения
    164 Ксения User 15 октября 2021 13:03
    Кто знает, игра долгая или я пока рано спросила?

  4. ars2322
    4 ars2322 User 15 октября 2021 12:47
    Глюченная игра, не одно изображение не работает, они повреждены...
    1. ars2322
      4 ars2322 User 15 октября 2021 12:51
      Кто знает как решить проблему, помогите!

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