Booming angel Azriel defeat ending [Ep.1] [JAP] [720p] Anime Hentai

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Картинка Booming angel Azriel defeat ending [Ep.1] [JAP] [720p] Anime Hentai
Booming angel Azriel defeat ending The motion anime
爆装天使アズリエール-敗北エンド- The Motion Anime

Описание: Karen Mochizuki, a second-year student at a private weathercock school, is an ordinary girl who is everywhere. However, her true identity is the evil extraterrestrial life form "Dark Roar Species" that aims to invade the earth. It was the transformation heroine of justice, "Bombing Angel Azuriere", who fights against. If she unravels her transformation, she will be a maiden in love around her age. I'm in the middle of a sweet and sour romantic comedy with my boyfriend "Hiro-kun" who has been dating for a month. However, the evil organization's magical hands were secretly sneaking up on them.

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