RE:D Cherish [2022] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка RE:D Cherish [2022] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

Description: In 206x, the festive island "Eritia" floats in the sea of Adrisia.
The protagonist of "Kusaka Xueguang" came to this earthly paradise, advertised as "Higher Freedom".
Jobs, hometowns, faith, everything that used to be taken away ...
There, Xueguang met the white-haired girl "Eureka (Unique)".
Not only did he lose his father, but the most precious place in his memory, "ダイナーレストラン", also fell into the wrong hands, and there was nothing left.
Alone, she harbors hope: "I want to make the restaurant great again."
Xueguang held out his hand to her.
"let me help you."
And you will find my way too.
This is Erythia.
As always, the city of freedom, the city of dreams.
Everything is ready and the kitchen is ready to go.
The spare magazine "マガjin" is ready and the safety device "セイフティ-" starts to turn off.
"Are you all ready? ダフトドリーム・ダイナー, the shop is open...!"
— Bread and wine for the lost. I would like to work with you to create food for tomorrow——

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Comments (2)

  1. Trek_149
    2 Trek_149 User 7 сентября 2022 20:57
    Можно гайд как это устанавливать?
    1. Soowl
      2 Soowl User 9 сентября 2022 10:39
      Я это не качал, но как правило почти во всех японских новеллах принцип +- один и тот же.
      Тебе нужна программа для образа дисков, если там файлы образа есть и японская локаль( есть программы, можно на компе поставить через дату(вроде, гайды на ютубе есть), ну и если есть кряк, ставишь кряк.

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