Hibikino-san-chi wa Eroge-ya-san! [2020] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Hibikino-san-chi wa Eroge-ya-san! [2020] [Cen] [VN] [JAP] H-Game

Description: In the residential district Kamiitsukomachi's old shopping district lies Hibikino Shop. This general store closed down after the grandfather owning it finally retired.
His three granddaughters, attached to it, and unwilling to let it disappear, decided to renovate it.
Hibikino Shop, loved by its community since 50 years, under the pressure of Yukari, the good for nothing of an eldest sister, became... an eroge store!
Hibikino Shop finally reopened.
A store of this size being too much for only three sisters to handle, and with only Yukari to know about this peculiar kind of products, they asked the second daughter's childhood friend Kurama Ren, our hero, to help them, as a part-time worker.
This is a story about the eroge industry from the perspective of a salesclerk.

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