Netorare new wife Mei-chan [2022] [Cen] [jRPG, NTR] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Netorare new wife Mei-chan [2022] [Cen] [jRPG, NTR] [JAP] H-Game

Описание: Apprentice hero Yu-kun has just married his childhood friend and fiancée, Mei-chan.
However, she was still frustrated because she hadn't done anything naughty with Mei-chan.
Meanwhile, Yu-kun and Mei-chan, who were called by the King of Netoire Castle,
Going on a training trip with martial artist Gouki.
Gouki was deeply trusted by the king, but
It's actually a ridiculous pervert
In the middle of the trip, Gouki, who Yuu-kun doesn't know,
Mei's chastity was in a big pinch.

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