Elven Maid's Sexual Discipline Report [3DCG] [Cen] [JPG] Hentai ART

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Картинка Elven Maid's Sexual Discipline Report [3DCG] [Cen] [JPG] Hentai ART
Автор: Nadeshikosan (なでしこさん)
Сайт издателя:
Тип раздачи: Art
Цензура: Censored
Жанр: Elf/Fairy/Pixy, Fantasy, Sexual Training, 3DCG, Tiny Breasts/DFC/Tiny tits, Tentacle, Insect Sex
Количество страниц: 242
Формат: JPG, PDF

Description: In another world where heavy and chemical industries have brought universalization of the market economy, races of all kinds are now living together in peace...
In this setting, Gilbert, a wealthy merchant who took advantage of the peace and stable economy by performing forceful deals hires a young beautiful elf girl as a maid for his mansion.
Her name is Aurora, and she is the daughter of a fallen noble household. In exchange for her services, she requests support for her household and Gilbert agrees... but there is just one small thing she overlooked.
As an Orc, Gilbert's a bottomless pit of lust, and his libido is through the roof. He also doesn't care about interspecies "mingling"~

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