Natsuyasumi Ake no Kanojo wa... [Ep.1-2] [JAP,ENG,RUS] Anime Hentai

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Rating: 6.4 / 10
Votes: 5
Картинка Natsuyasumi Ake no Kanojo wa... [Ep.1-2] [JAP,ENG,RUS] Anime Hentai
Natsuyasumi Ake no Kanojo wa...

Description: ep1. The story is about a film-loving boy who doesn't fit in well with society, but his dull and bitter life changes when Kana, a pretty girl, joins the film club. They get along very well and spend a lot of time together. The protagonist invites her to create good memories together this summer...
ep2. After the summer holidays, the protagonist notices that the girl he is in love with is no longer pure and sweet, but a shameless and perverted gyaru. Such a drastic change was due to the school playboy, who sexually trained her during the holidays. When Hajime arrives at the film club, he finds his girlfriend playing lewd games with Reiji...

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