Orc Strike 2 [2014-2015] [Cen] [jRPG] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Orc Strike 2 [2014-2015] [Cen] [jRPG] [JAP] H-Game

Description: Orcs that were destroyed , boy Seto of half oak draw blood , and finally, out on a journey to defeat the hero King is a foe of the family .
Along with the heroines of many circulates each other in the journey , sometimes in cold blood , and it is with that story while flirting sometimes , to go hunt down the hero king strategically .
· Please be assured that I think even if you are not playing the previous work " Orcs strike " , and Hairikomeru the story smoothly . Of course , if you can play the previous work , also work now , you can enjoy more deeply .

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  1. Lastpip
    4 Lastpip User 13 December 2022 07:20
    Русский перевод пожалуйста
    (Закину монеты за перевод когда будет готово, почему когда, горький опыт есть уже что за ранее кидать нельзя)

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